Ajubiri Boston Terriers

Ajubiri Boston Terriers

Accredited KUSA Breeder - Member no: 144/2013

The Gentlemen's Terrier

Cute. Adorable. Full of Mischief


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Boston Terrier Breed Standard

Everything you need to know in a "Nut-shell":

  • Description:  Compact and well-muscled square appearance. Legs are set somewhat apart. Broad chest, tapering short tail. Coat comes in seal, brindle & white, black & white and some are born brown & white.
  • Temperament:  Gentle, alert, very intelligent, well-mannered and enthusiastic. Sensitive to the tone of one's voice. Good watchdogs, barking only when necessary. Reliable with children & elderly people. Very friendly with strangers. Dominant and may fight with other dogs.
  • Height and Weight:  38 - 43cm High & 4 - 11Kg
  • Health:  Prone to eye problems & injuries. May have breathing difficulties when stressed by exertion in hot or cold weather & can overheat.
  • Living Conditions:  Good for apartments as well as country living. Sensitive to weather extremes.
  • Exercise:  Needs to stay in shape.
  • Life Expectancy:  15 or more years.
  • Litter Size:  3 to 4 puppies.
  • Grooming:  Easy to groom. Bathe only when necessary. Wipe the face with a damp cloth every day & clean the prominent eyes carefully.
  • Origin:  Developed in the USA. a Cross between the English Bulldog and now extinct English White Terrier (1865).
  • Group:  Mastiff

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Example of an Inbred Boston Terrier


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Potty train your dog:

5 Keys to your success
  • When your dog wake up, take him to the potty place
  • Feed your dog on a regular schedule which will eventually be twice a day, about 10-12 hours apart. After he/she eats or drinks anything, take him/her to the potty place
  • After your dog played or exercised, take him/her to the potty place
  • Withhold water for two to four hours before your dog goes to bed at night
  • Just prior to going to bed, take him/her to the potty place

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Example of a Normal Mating Cycle

Bitch Mate Cycle

Ajubiri Boston Terriers   Ajubiri Boston Terriers   Ajubiri Boston Terriers
Queen & Pup We Deliver World-Wide ;-)
Ajubiri Boston Terriers
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Ajubiri Boston Terriers
Ajubiri Boston Terriers

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